Delivering our products in the right condition means everything to us.

Working with the right partners/factories is an important part of getting the quality right. So is having a strong QA department and a QC team with many years of experience.

Every single container we ship is carefully checked before leaving the factory.

Our QC team does both inline and final inspection. Everything from product construction, moisture content and measurements to color, finishing, and packaging is carefully checked and fully documented for each container leaving the factory.

Quality control and Assurance are simply the corner stones of our business setup and organization.


We see the packaging as a part of the actual product. The packaging has to protect the goods not only when it is in the container, but all the way to the final consumer.

Our dedicated Product Development team has not only setup quality standards for the products themselves but also for the packing specifications to ensure that the product will be delivered in perfect condition to the final consumer.

We also check during final inspection that all aspects related to Shipping Marks, AI’s and labelling specifically required by each customer has been followed.

Besides, we attach with our products material hangtags, including Care and Maintenance instructions. It provides useful information for final consumers to maximize the products durability and keep them satisfied with the product quality.